The  33rd  Annual
Sn3  Symposium

April 4th to April 8th,  2018
Dallas / Fort Worth,  Texas

Lorrie & Leo Palitti's
Black Bear & Bayou Railroad

The Black Bear & Bayou is the freelance railroad of Lorrie & Leo Palitti. This unique mushroom designed layout is housed in a detached building in our backyard (with central heat and AC). The layout is set in the transition era of Steam to Diesel. The trains run from southern Colorado to the bayous of east Texas and SW Louisiana. This HO/HOn3 layout is designed for point to point operations using DCC. Scenery features towering mountains, beautifully painted backdrops, multiple ocean scenes, four turntables, a sound enhanced thunderstorm along with many structures (lots of craftsman kits and scratch built). The six track staging yard features a home made remote switch panel. Trains are both steam and diesel. The layout features a dual gauge yard, switchbacks, an 80" double track helix, two reversing loops and various levels. The LED lighting is setup for both day and night time viewing.