The  33rd  Annual
Sn3  Symposium

April 4th to April 8th,  2018
Dallas / Fort Worth,  Texas

Marc LaChey's
Cripple Creek & Tincup Railroad

The Cripple Creek & Tincup is a freelance railroad inspired by Marc’s visits to Chama, New Mexico. This layout demonstrates what can be achieved in a small room. The primary layout is housed in room measuring 11 x 12. There is an extension to a staging yard in the garage via a wye through the wall. The layout was also extended with trackage rights into adjoining closets. The CC&TC RR utilizes mostly D&RGW equipment with some occasional leased equipment and features an engine service area with off-stage storage of trains. The layout is powered by CVP’s wireless Easy DCC system and all engines are sound equipped.